About Us

FirstCheck South Africa’s first ever vehicle valuation & verification app offers a buyer or a seller of used or pre-owned vehicles with the ultimate in vehicle valuation and verification information before proceeding with the transaction.

Whether you are looking for critical information in order to assist you with your decision to purchase a used or second hand vehicle or assessing the value of a vehicle you may want to put on the market, FirstCheck delivers crucial information relating to any vehicle you currently own, or intend to buy or sell, including market values and extras or theft information and current finance details of the vehicle.

The FirstCheck vehicle valuation & verification app will also offer users the option to complete a handy credit score should you want to proceed with the purchase of a vehicle as well as the capability to sign up to receive monthly value assessment reports on any pre-defined vehicle.

Available on Android & iOS, download South Africa’s first ever vehicle valuation & verification app, FirstCheck from Google Play or iTunes here;